Transformers Fansproject Warbot

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Transformers Fansproject Warbot


A brand new release from FansProject. This company never fails to impress. The toy looks great in all three modes, has diecast and is a scratch built toy rather than an add-on to an existing Transformer toy.

Warbot is meant to be Springer, who’s gained a lot of post-cartoon popularity being the leader of the Wreckers, a sub-group of Autobots who function as a commando unit, taking out Decepticon threats covertly. Other members of the Wreckers include Topspin, Twin Twist, Roadbuster, Whirl, Sandstorm and Whirlwind. Ultra Magnus isn’t exactly a Wreckers member but he has worked with them from time to time.

Warbot stands roughly 6″ tall and has diecast chest plates and certain parts of the leg armor. Almost every joint is ratcheted on this toy. 🙂

His handguns can be stored in this legs, though they are a bit loose.

Armored vehicle mode.

Sword can be stored underneathe.

Helicopter mode.

Even though there’s no actual display stand, Fansproject did include an accessory that one can use to plug into Gundam action bases to suspend the copter in mid-air.

A really great toy except for one flaw, the heel is a bit too small, so the toy tends to fall backwards easily when in robot mode. But generally it can hold a lot of good poses.

Wreckers Rule!


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