Transformers Fanstoys FT-06 Sever (Third Party Masterpiece Dinobot Snarl)

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Transformers Fanstoys FT-06 Sever (Dinobot Snarl)

Energy sword


Dino mode

I love the details on the tail.

Optional parts include:

-Red eyes for Robot mode
-Red eyes for Dino mode
-“Angry” face plate

“Angry” face

Diecast parts include
-Lower Torso
-Dino mode head
-Dino mode front legs

Sever weighs about 865 Grams

Sever requires 4 pieces of L626 (LR66) type batteries for his weapons to light up (2 each for the gun and the sword).

I feel somewhat sad for Snarl, he wasn’t really given much personality and characterization in the cartoons and was totally left out in the 1986 movie.

Just one more Dino to go and we’ve got the whole team! .


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