Transformers Fanstoys FT-04 Scoria (Third Party Masterpiece Dinobot Slag)

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Transformers Fanstoys FT-4 Scoria (Third Party Masterpiece Dinobot Slag)

Optional head and “open mouth” plates

Attaching the “open mouth” plates require unscrewing the halves of the head.

“Cartoon accurate” head (red faceplate)

You can also opt to leave his legs out for “G1 toy” accuracy.

Both weapons have light up features. Batteries not included.4x of L626 (LR66)

“High Energy Light Gun”

Flame saber

Because of the toes of the dino mode sticking out, we have to pose the hand like so.

Dino mode

Hmm.. slot for attaching flame effects?

Scoria (Slag) comes with platform pumps for Grimlock.

Much Better

In dino mode, the pumps can be attached to Grimlock’s back.

“Beryllium Baloney!”

“Selenium Salami!”

With the Masterpieces

Spike looks like a pet mouse next to these guys.

Stands roughly about a foot tall!

Whoa! 871 Grams!? Heavy!

As great this toy is when you pose it on any shelf, there are some problems with it.

-Possible rust? I’m not sure if this is just rust or intentional rough finish. It is rough and I am a bit worried about it becoming rusted over time.

-Loose left shoulder.


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