Transformers G1 1986 Transformers The Movie 2022 reissue Hot Rod

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Transformers G1 1986 Transformers The Movie 2022 reissue Hot Rod

At least there’s some color in the manual..

Just like on the G1 toy, his Photon Blasters can be mounted on his alt mode’s engine block.

Yep.. seeing this still cracks me up every time.

Still uses rubber tires. Nice.

Impulsive and reckless, young Autobot Cavalier Hot Rod is always ready to charge into action. Destined for greatness, he becomes the universe’s only hope for lighting its darkest hour.

A redeco of the previous G1 toy, this version features a movie accurate shade of magenta, without the chrome applications.

At least the toy still has the Japanese version’s diecast feet.

Lol! No rub-sign sticker?? It’s not an official figure!!!

Hot Rod comes with his classic dual Photon Blasters.

Overall, I guess it’s a nice update to the classic figure. The red colors of the vintage toy always seemed off to me, so this is a nice “show-accurate” alternative to that, if I ever get the itch to mix things up in the display, at least the option is now there.

I’m still on the fence for Starscream though. Since I’m already good with the previous reissue version’s toon colors from the “Transformers Collection” with the Dreamwave box art.

“My actions speak louder than words.”


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