Transformers G1 KO Protectobots/ Defensor giftset

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Transformers G1 KO Protectobots/ Defensor giftset

Hot Spot

Hmm… I’m not entirely sure if this is melted styrofoam or ruined paint. Luck of the draw, eh?

Hot Spot has a transport mode.

The guns are supposed to be pegged onto Hot Spot’s side in this mode, but I can’t get it to work, I don’t know if it’s an issue with the gun or the hole size?

Base mode

Hot Spot serves as a maintenance dock for when he combines in Scramble City mode to Metroplex.

Again, the guns are an issue here and don’t peg in properly enough to hold the gun down.

Hotspot likes to lead by example. Preferring to live every moment of life to the fullest, his actions always inspire others, particularly his Protectobot teammates.

Hot Spot comes with his Fireball Cannons that shoot bursts of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit blue flame 1.5 miles (ironic for a “firetruck” to have, lol… ).

“Rust never sleeps, and neither do I.”


Double-mounted air-compressor cannon

Fast and thinks on his feet, Streetwise functions as the team’s interceptor. Capable of chasing down Decepticons no matter how far they run. Clever and resourceful, this Protectobot is always ready to adapt to any situation.

Streetwise comes with his Photon pistol.

“You have to know where you are before you know what to do.”


Groove’s bike mode comes equipped with twin vaporators, which shoot mists of oxidizing, freezing, and corrosive liquids.

Groove is a pacifist, preferring not to fight unless absolutely needed. Easy-going and laid back, this Protectobot is happy wherever he goes, regardless of his situation.

Groove comes with his Photon Pistol.

“War is a problem, never a solution.”

First Aid

First Aid comes with his Dual-Barreled Decrystallizer Cannon for ambulance mode.

First Aid hates seeing any machine in pain, be they friend or foe. Functions as the Protectobot Team’s doctor, this Autobot has great compassion for others, regardless of their allegiances.

First Aid comes with his Photon Pistol.

“An ounce of maintenance is worth a pound of cure.”


In both modes, Blades is armed with Twin Launchers that fire “smart” rockets.

While functioning primarily as air support for the Protectobot team, Blades actually prefers to get down and dirty fighting Decepticons. A brawler who will use every advantage to take down his opponent, this airborne Autobot loves to fight.

Blades comes with his Photon Pistol.

“War’s a dirty game — and I’m a dirty player!”

The Protectobots

Size measurements

Hot Spot – 5.5 inches
Streetwise – 4 inches
Groove – 3.25 inches
First Aid – 3.5 inches
Blades – 3.25 inches
Defensor – 8 inches


Defensor views all humans as his children, willing to sacrifice his own spark to protect everyone. He also has the unique ability to generate a force field around himself for around 50 feet. But this greatly drains his power reserves.

Defensor uses the same guns as Hot Spot, the Fireball Cannons.

Overall, a decent set for a KO, considering an original one runs about $300 USD now, loose with no box. The problem with Hot Spot’s guns not plugging into his legs in firetruck and base modes don’t really bother me that much, I’m just glad they fit into his hands with no problem.

I also encountered an issue with plugging Blades into Hot Spot’s shoulders for Defensor mode. Blades’ head is too big and requires some force to get the head/connector into the slot. I am not sure if this was an issue with the original vintage version as well? It’s hard to do, but I eventually managed to get Blades plugged in.

Still, for a set that only cost me just $60 with free shipping, I can’t really complain. I do recommend using Toyhax reproduction stickers, as the ones that come with the set seem very iffy and the glue won’t probably last long when applied.

“As long as one innocent being is threatened, none are truly free.”


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