Transformers G1 KO Stunticons/ Menasor giftset

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Transformers G1 KO Stunticons/ Menasor giftset


Base mode

You can also park Menasor’s chest piece (Blackjack) onto the base mode.

Motormaster is cold and cruel. As leader of the Stunticons, he prefers to abuse and prey on his own team’s individual insecurities and weakness to make them more efficient in battle.

Motormaster comes with his Cyclone Gun, capable of generating winds of 400mph.

“These wheels are made for crushing.”

Dead End

Dead End comes with his Plasma Energy Blaster for his vehicle mode.

Dead End is sullen and depressing to be around, he generally sees no point to anything, as everything eventually turns to nothingness. Ironically, he’s also quite vain, preferring to spend his time polishing himself.

Dead End comes with his compressor-air gun that shoots a 40,000-psi blast of air.

“We are all just food for rust.”


Breakdown comes with his Plasma Energy Blaster for his vehicle mode.

Breakdown is extremely paranoid and extremely self-conscious; he feels that everyone is staring at him. A nervous wreck when outside of battle, this Stunticon prefers to be left alone.

Breakdown comes with his Concussion Rifle, which causes mechanical failures in Autobots.

“Keep your optical sensors to yourself.”


Wildrider comes with his Plasma Energy Blaster for his vehicle mode.

I used to have the original vintage Wildrider, it’s a shame the KO couldn’t properly match the red paint of the windows in vehicle mode.

Wildrider is an insane menace on the road. He loves driving recklessly while screaming and laughing like a maniac. When on the move, he’s a threat to friend and foe alike.

Wildrider’s Scattershot Gun sprays laser beams over wide areas.

“Either you’re out of my way or you’re out of luck.”

Drag Strip

Dragstrip comes with his Plasma Energy Blaster for his vehicle mode.

Drag Strip lives to race, and desperately wants to win, by any means necessary. Proud, obnoxious and nasty, even Megatron prefers to slag him than talk to him.

Drag Strip comes with his gravity-enhancing Gravito-gun

“The first one to cross the finish line LIVES.”

The Stunticons

Size measurements

Motormaster – 6 inches
Dead End – 3.5 inches
Breakdown – 3.75 inches
Wildrider – 3.25 inches
Drag Strip – 3.5 inches
Menasor – 8 inches


Menasor is incredibly powerful and nearly unstoppable. Its main weakness lies in its psyche, as the combined consciousness of the Stunticons all loathe Motormaster and the way he runs the group, this often leaves Menasor easily confused and distracted on the battlefield.

The waist clip tends to fall out a bit easily. It’s not a real dealbreaker though.

Menasor uses Motormaster’s Cyclone Gun.

Menasor also has his Ionizer Sword, which can generate a 50,000-volt charge.

Overall, a better set than Defensor IMHO. At least there weren’t any connection problems like with Blades in Defensor mode and Hot Spot’s guns not being able to plug into the base mode with this set.

I did find that Menasor’s hip plate easily fell out of place, but I seem to recall this being an issue with the original vintage as well? I’m not 100% sure. But it’s not really a huge dealbreaker here though.

Just like the KO Defensor set, for $60, I can’t really complain. I think I got my money’s worth. I’ll probably pick up the Computron and Abominus sets as well later on. I do recommend using Toyhax reproduction stickers, as the ones that come with the set seem very iffy and the glue won’t probably last long when applied.

“Leave no Autobot uncrushed.”


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