Transformers G1 KO Technobots/ Computron giftset

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Transformers G1 KO Technobots/ Computron giftset



Scramble City Battle Station/ Electron Pulse Cannon Rocket Launcher mode

Computron’s chest plate can also be equipped on the jet mode.

Scattershot is a berserker, plain and simple. Despite being on the “smartest Autobot team”, he dives straight into battle, guns blazing, without a care in the world. Rude and tactless, Scattershot gets straight to the point in any conversation. He is armed with an electron pulse cannon in jet mode, as well as sonic, thermal and artillery shell guns in both modes.

Sigh… annoyingly, the KO didn’t replicate the toy perfectly. The color for Scattershot’s arms and waist should match his wings and chest plate, they’re almost pink here. Sigh… different batches of plastics I guess.

There’re also some paint issues with his face (not fully painted to the right edges of his visor and chin).

He comes with his Acid Pellet Gun.

“Decepticons are like rust spots — they’re ugly and they can pop up anywhere. “


An expert marksman, Strafe is the Technobot team’s gunner. Usually high-strung, Strafe prefers loud explosions over eerie quiet. Loves spraying artillery all over the battlefield to quickly take down Decepticon targets.

Strafe comes with his Heat-Ray Rifle.

His alt mode’s Twin Automatic Light-pulse Blasters can also be equipped in robot mode.

“Shoot everywhere — since that’s where the enemies are.”


Lightspeed loves to explore, particularly the vastness of space. Despite being smart, strong and fast, he yearns to break free of any planet’s gravity and truly embrace freedom. In vehicle mode, he has Twin Infra-red Scope Missile Launchers .

Lightspeed comes with his Light-Burst Gun.

“Space travel is the only flight to freedom.”


Short-tempered and uncooperative, Afterburner hates authority (a trait carried over from Grimlock’s personality?). He carries two Laser-guided Incendiary Missiles, and a Rapid-fire Plasma Pulse Cannon in alt mode. His tires also secrete an adhesive that enables him to drive up most walls.

Afterburner comes with his Semi-automatic Sonic Blaster Pistol.

“Following leaders leads nowhere.”


Slowest of the Technobots, yet extremely methodical, Nosecone takes his time when it comes to taking down enemy fortifications. Equipped with a durabyllium – steel alloy drill in vehicle mode, Nosecone makes short work of anything the Decepticons use to block the Autobot’s paths.

Nosecone comes with his X-ray Laser Pistol.

“It’s not whose the fastest; it’s who reaches the finish line.”

The full team


Unlike other combiners, whose combination usually results in very basic-minded super warriors, Computron is incredibly smart AND physically powerful, thanks to the high intelligence of all five Technobots. Carefully analyzing data input from all five Technobots before executing any plan, he rarely makes any mistakes. His one weakness is that his analysis sometimes takes him too long and leaves him exposed and unable to react, which can be risky while in the heat of battle.

Computron can use Scattershot’s Acid Pellet Gun.

“Complete data analysis is essential for the synthesis of successful strategy.”

Scattershot – 7 inches
Strafe – 3.25 inches
Lightspeed – 3.25 inches
Afterburner – 3.25 inches
Nosecone – 3.25 inches
Computron – 9.25 inches

Overall, a pretty decent set. I can’t really complain since the price of this set costs only a quarter of what a complete vintage set costs online now. If ever Has-Tak does decide to do a reissue pack, with their level of quality control nowadays, I think it’s not too far off from what this set offers.

Again, do note that just like Abominus gift set, the Technobot figures do NOT have any diecast in them (unlike with most G1 Season 2 combiner sets).

For the stickers I do recommend grabbing some good ones from, as the ones included in the set don’t stick that well. The “color change” rub signs included with the set also do not work/ change color. So you should consider grabbing some of those as well from Toyhax.


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