Transformers G1 KO Terrorcons/ Abominus giftset

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Transformers G1 KO Terrorcons/ Abominus giftset

I know this is a KO and all, but I wonder if the original box art had Springer this badly miscolored by any chance?



Scramble City battle station/ base mode (lol… “Ice Cream Dispenser”).

Leader of the Terrorcons, Hun-Gurrr is a glutton. Almost always feeding, his orders are usually misinterpreted due to his mouth(s) being always full. In beast mode, he is able to regurgitate any ingested material as crude projectiles.

Hun-Gurrr can use Abominus’ chest plate as his shield.

He comes with his Sonic Stun Gun Rifle.

“Eat only what you need — destroy the rest.”


Rippersnapper hates the smell of all carbon-based life forms. He also particularly hates Autobots with a vengeance. In creature Mode, Rippersnapper’s claws and teeth can slice through almost any substance. He also has twin, ground-to-air missile launchers mounted on his back.

Rippersnapper comes with his cyclone gun

“Autobots are an error I intend to correct.”


Sinnertwin functions as the Terrorcon team’s sentry. Mercilessly efficient and brutal, his creature mode’s steel-shredding claws, flame cannon and flame breath make short work of any Autobot trespasser.

Sinnertwin comes with his Armor-piercing Rocket-grenade Launcher.

“The sound of ripping metal is music to my audio modules.”


While it’s not really clear what his alt mode is supposed to be, some speculate that it’s an “ogre” of some sort?

Slime Gun can be mounted on his backpack in alt mode.

Blot is the most disgusting of all Transformers. Blot secretes a foul-smelling lubricant oozing out of every joint, which results in a terrible odor that lingers long after Blot has left the area. Dumb and slow, this Decepticon’s only admirable trait is he’s extremely loyal to the Decepticon cause.

Blot comes with his Slime Gun.

“I’m not as bad as I look — I’m worse.”


Cutthroat is vile and merciless. He craves destruction and will jump at any chance to break loose and cut everything in sight with his sharp wings, beak and claws.

Cutthroat comes with his Double-barreled Magnetizer, which oppositely charges any metal target so it tears itself apart.

“Compassion is the currency of losers.”

The full team


Brutal and ferocious, Abominus carries the vile traits of each Terrorcon and magnifies it. This super warrior often goes into a blind rage in battle, crushing everything in its path, leaving nothing standing in its wake. Immensely tough and powerful, this combiner can shrug off most artillery fire as if it was nothing.

Lol.. for some reason, the Toyhax reprolabels are lacking the blue squares on the stickers for Abominus’ chest plate. Sigh…

Abominus can be equipped with Hun-Gurrr’s Sonic Stun Gun.

“Chaos is my ally, and destruction my only friend”.

Hun-Gurrr – 6.5 inches
Rippersnapper – 3.5 inches
Sinnertwin – 3.25 inches
Blot – 3.25 inches
Cutthroat – 3.25 inches
Abominus -9.5 inches

Overall, a pretty decent set. I can’t really complain since the price of this set costs only a quarter of what a complete vintage set costs online now. If ever Has-Tak does decide to do a reissue pack, with their level of quality control nowadays, I think it’s not too far off from what this set offers.

Again, do note that just like Computron’s gift set, the Terrorcon figures do NOT have any diecast in them (unlike with most G1 Season 2 combiner sets).

For the stickers I do recommend grabbing some good ones from, as the ones included in the set don’t stick that well. The “color change” rub signs included with the set also do not work/ change color. So you should consider grabbing some of those as well from Toyhax.


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