Transformers G1 Reissue Gurafi and Noizu

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Transformers G1 Reissue Gurafi and Noizu



Prior to this set being announced, I had never even heard of these guys, turns out they’re among the last Japanese exclusive market G1 Cassettebots to be released back in the day. Pretty cool. Hasbro had originally planned to reissue this guys as HASCON (Hasbro Convention) exclusives but since that event fell apart, this set kinda got a mass retail release instead.

Although not indicated on the package, the two Cassettebots do combine to form Decibel.

The joint for keeping Decibel upright isn’t that great (keeps falling down), so I just propped him up by pinning this area on the thigh so that the figure won’t fold over.

I didn’t bother opening Frenzy (Rumble!) since I’ve already got the Encore version.


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