Transformers G1 Sunstorm

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Transformers G1 Sunstorm

E-Hobby recently reissued Sunstorm(the original release was back in 2003), there were China Backdoor versions and original versions (or so I’m told). The China Backdoors are identical to the official releases but lack this item. The 3page comic and sticker sheet. The art isn’t really great, nor is it done by Dreamwave or IDW, instead it’s drawn by a Japanese artist.

In the now defunct Dreamwave comics, Sunstorm is one of Starscream’s clones created by Shockwave and coated with Electrum. Allowing Sunstorm to store a fusion reactor in his core(he was even able to take down Omega Supreme). A large data dump into his processor from Vector Sigma caused him to go insane. After being double crossed by Starscream and exposed to an unknown, unstable energy, Sunstorm later fought Jetfire and exploded.

Seeker mode.


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