Transformers G1 Vintage Overlord

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Transformers G1 Vintage Overlord

Godmaster Giga (Powermaster Dreadnaut)

Giga is a normal human being recruited into joining the Decepticons off-screen at some point by Devil Z with the promise of ruling Earth. Given a powerful Transtector by Devil Z, Giga leads the Decepticon forces on Earth against the Autobots.

Godmaster Mega

The wife of Giga, Mega is loyal to the Decepticon cause and is as cruel as they come. She combines her Megajet unit with her husband’s Gigatank to form the powerful Decepticon, Overlord.

In the UK translated releases, Giga and Mega’s Godmaster/ Powermaster backstories are dropped entirely and they are only referred to as “Energon mini figures” instead.


Unfortunately, my set isn’t quite complete, it’s missing the missile pods that complete the look of the tank.

Giga can ride inside the tank unit.

Plugging a Powermaster into the slot unlocks the tank’s “transformation”. Alternately, you can just push down on the buttons to release the tank halves.


Mega can ride inside the c0ckpit.

Attachable turret mounted on top of the jet.

Removing the turret and placing in a Powermaster unlocks the thruster pylons on the jet mode, allowing for Overlord’s shoulders to gain articulation.

Base station mode

Too bad there’s nowhere to place the Gigatank’s cannon when Overlord is in base mode.

The bottom canopy of the jet opens up to reveal a balcony for the Powermasters.

Sigh… so it turns out I’m also missing a couple of radar dishes to complete the base mode. They’re a bit pricey to get so I’m still thinking it over. They’re only used here and are kind of useless outside of base mode.

The set comes with a little car for the Powermasters to ride around when Overlord is in base mode.

Lol! It looks really awkward when they’re placed in it due to the position of their legs.

Robot mode

Armed with deadly and destructive weaponry capable of inflicting severe damage to Autobot Transtectors and overloading their self-repair systems, Overlord easily tears through any Autobot forces! The towering Decepticon even has his own internal arms manufacturing factory which provides his cannons with an endless supply of ammunition.

Overlord’s neck is actually mounted on a ratchet joint. I think this is my first time ever encountering something like this on a toy.

Fully assembled, Overlord stands an impressive 13.5 inches tall.

Overlord comes with his “Transtector Destroyer Cannon”. Aside from the heavy damage it causes from the force of the blast, this weapon can temporarily stop the regenerative capabilities of any Autobot Transtectors it hits.

Sigh.. it’s a shame my Transtector Destroyer Cannon doesn’t come with the missile to complete the look of the weapon.

Plugging in the Powermasters into Overlord’s chest will unlock the multi-barrelled “Chōkon Daemon Blast” (right) and spring-loaded “Chōkon Bolt Masher” (left) on the robot’s torso. Powerful weapons that nearly killed Ginrai/ Powermaster Optimus Prime on their first encounter.

When in robot mode, Overlord’s jet mode c0ckpit can also be deployed as an attack drone for striking Overlord’s enemies from behind.

Another personal “holy grail” down, I wasn’t expecting to be able to find a fairly priced Overlord figure, but somehow it happened, thanks to a great friend who chanced upon a very decently-priced auction over in Yahoo Japan for a loose. It’s not complete but close enough and in amazing condition. Nice! I owe you, good buddy 🙂 .

“I stand my ground… I accept any challenge… I am hungry for conflict.”


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