Transformers Generation One Reissues Decepticons

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Decepticon Seeker Jets

Soundwave and Soundblaster

The Takara reissue Galvatron ( anime colors version)

Added features include a new, angrier face sculpt and various new electronic “sentences”, not to mention his new “bling-bling”… the Autobot Matrix of leadership, in gold colors( if I remember right the matrix included with the reissue New Year’s Prime a few years ago was silver)

So included in toy’s sound chip are
1) Laser blasting sound
2) Transforming sound effect
3) 5 sentences from Galvatron(all Japanese)..

unfortunately he sounds like he’s talking underwater.. not that good, but the “transforming” sound effect is loud and clear.. sweet!!

I never realized how tall Galvy was next to Rodimus Prime

Funfact: Galvatron has diecast parts! The awkward part is, it’s located in his crotch area (!!)


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