Transformers Generations Cliffjumper

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Transformers Generations Cliffjumper

Ok, I am not a fan of the TF Prime Cliffjumper body. It just looks so… weird. Long, disproportional hands, non-fitting windshield in vehicle mode, just wrong design for an old fan favorite.

The headsculpt looks decent, could use some more paint below the eyes though.

I’m thinking if it’s possible to swap out the Cliffjumper head on this one and place it on the older Classics Cliffjumper. I don’t have the Cliffjumper at the moment (off-site storage along with older TFs) So I guess I’ll have to try this another day.

“Glass Gas” flip out guns?

You know things have gone terribly wrong when Wheelie is bigger and more sexy-looking than Cliffjumper.

Deluxe Group shot


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