Transformers Generations Selects Abominus

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Transformers Generations Selects Abominus

As usual, the boxset for the Generations selects Combiners is huge! Measures roughly 18.75 x 18 x 3 inches.


The leader of the Terrorcons, Hun-gurrr is a glutton that can’t stop eating. He can fashion projectiles out of the materials he’s eaten and spit them out in beast mode.

As an homage to the G1 toy, he comes with his shield. The shield is called the “Terrorbreaster” and is actually an all-new item for this figure, as the US release did not come with this shield to form Abominus’ chest.

He comes with his Sonic Stun Gun rifle. It’s actually a reuse of the rifle that came with Turtler from the Generations Selects Seacons team.

Hun-gurrr also comes with optional guns that can be mounted onto the Stun Gun to create a more powerful weapon (this never appeared in any media though).

Unfortunately, due to the design of his forearms, he cannot hold onto the smaller guns directly.


Beast mode features an articulated jaw. His claws and teeth can tear through anything.

Rippersnapper is a ferocious Decepticon with a massive inferiority complex. He hates any and all Autobots with furious rage. He also hates all carbon-based lifeforms for that matter (including himself?).

Unlike his G1 toy, Rippersnapper comes with twin blasters instead of his twin missile launcher and Cyclone Gun.

Also, unlike his G1 toy design, he still retains his claws in robot mode.

Combiner part weapon piece.

As a leftover from the Power of the Primes “Prime Armor” gimmick, you can open his chest panel to reveal a connection port to the combiner piece. The gimmick doesn’t work so well here though, due to the redesigned hands for Abominus.


The jaws on each of the beast heads can be opened. In beast mode, he carries a flame cannon on his back, he also has the ability to shoot flames out of his mouth.

Sinnertwin is a ferocious guard dog. He enjoys patrolling Decepticon perimeters hoping to catch a target and tear it to shreds.

The flame gun from his beast mode is used in robot mode. In the original G1 toy, Sinnertwin came with an optional grenade launcher weapon for his robot mode.

For all his ferocity, this guy actually gets easily unnerved by small creatures like mice and insects.


In beast mode (ogre mode?), he is capable of breathing fire. His slime gun can also be mounted on his “Laser Mount” backpack in this mode as well.

Probably the most disgusting of all Transformers, Blot’s body produces a horrible-smelling, oozing lubricant from his various joints that offends both friend and foe alike. Dumb and brutish, Blot is exceptionally loyal to Hun-gurrr.

Blot comes with his slime gun, which is capable of shooting highly corrosive liquids.

The slime gun can also be mounted on his shoulder posts in robot mode.

Blot actually shares the same torso mold as Rippersnapper.

Same as Rippersnapper, his chest panel can folded down to reveal a Power of the Primes connection port.

Mini weapon from his combiner part.


Double-barreled Magnetizer can be mounted on the beast mode’s back.

Merciless and constantly craving destruction, Cutthroat is so bloodthirsty, even some of the other Decepticons are disturbed by his actions in battle.

He comes with his “Double-barreled Magnetizer” weapon, which oppositely magnetizes its targets to the point that it tears itself apart.



Unlike the other Decepticon combiners, Abominus is wild, animalistic fury unleashed. With no real sense of reasoning once combined, Abominus only functions to completely annihilate anything the Decepticons point him at. Even the Autobot gestalt Computron is unable to defeat this combiner through direct physical combat alone.

Unlike the Power of the Primes version, this version of Abominus requires the use of “Terrorbreaster” shield piece to form his chest panel.

The optional blasters for Hun-gurrr are used to add support for the back of the feet in combined mode.

As good as the new feet are, they lack support on the front area of the connection, all the weigh is just on the connection peg, so this tends to make the figure unbalanced, causing it to rock a bit. I wish they did the design better here. Adding anything to the front of the peg as a space filler greatly helps balance Abominus.

The Terrorcons’ weapons can combine to form a super weapon for Abominus.

Overall, I consider these to be better than the Power of the Primes release(s), mainly due to the new cartoon accurate deco, proper head sculpt for Abominus, plus the throwback chest plate/ shield concept and better feet design. Unfortunately, I think Takara came out with this set much too late, as a lot of those issues were already addressed by the Perfect Effect Third Party add-ons that came out years before this set did.

I think if you already have the Power of the Primes figures plus the Perfect Effect add-on, most folks can probably skip this one.


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