Transformers Generations Selects Black Roritchi

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Transformers Generations Selects Black Roritchi

Leader of the Guardminders in the Japanese Transformers Supergod Masterforce series, Black Roritchi only appeared in episodes 35 and 36, along with his fellow Guardminders, working for Black Zarak.

The figure is a straight up redeco of Earthrise Fasttrack.

His melee weapon can be pegged into his shoulder.

We aren’t really treated to this guy having any real personality in the TV episodes he appeared in. He’s just there to bark orders to his men.

Since he’s a Weaponizer, transforming him requires taking him apart.

His dagger can plug in to serve as a seat for Titan Masters.

A portion of his torso can be unfolded to serve as a connection ramp for bases.

Weaponizer mode

Like Fasttrack, he can transform into Black Zarak’s Tyrant Spear.

Unfortunately, like Fasttrack, his torso has nowhere to go while his body is in “Tyrant Spear” mode.

With Earthrise Fasttrack

With his troops, the Guardminders.

In the series, the Guardminders were just cannon fodder for the Autobots to fight and blow up near the end of the series. In the show, the Guardminders numbered in the dozens. I just decided to stop at just four.

With the Generations Selects Black Zarak officially announced, getting this guy is a foregone conclusion.


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