Transformers Generations Selects Cordon and Spin-out

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Transformers Generations Selects Cordon and Spin-out


Cordon functions as a reserve trooper on Cybertron. According to his bio, Cordon is actually an ancient Transformer that has lived for ages, but is afflicted with a memory glitch which regularly erases his memories from the past lives his lived through. He only retains the skills he learned from each lifetime. As a result of living for so long and having his memories dumped so many times, he has also lost the ability to judge right from wrong and can only be trusted to follow simple orders, but not issue commands.

I really wish Hasbro gave this mold some real guns to work with. Using the engine block as an excuse for a blaster seems kind of lame in this day and age of toy engineering.

Sigh… try as I want, I could not for the life of me get everything to lockdown seamlessly. The fact that they used clear plastic tabs does not help either. In the end I gave up for fear of the possibility of breaking the clear plastic pieces.


Hailing from another dimension (Diaclone) where he was mech that required a human pilot, Spin-out is transported into the dimension of the Transformers and given a Spark and sentience. Even after becoming self-aware, he remembers his previous life and is fiercely loyal to humans. Brash and hot-headed, Spin-out feels more comfortable being given orders by humans than fellow Autobots.

Like Cordon and Sunstreaker, his only accessory is his engine block/ blaster.

“Red Sunstreaker” here has the distinction of being the “001” numbered figure of the old vintage pre-Transformers Diaclone toyline, it was eventually redecoed yellow into Sunstreaker.

With Earthrise Sunstreaker

Overall, not really a must have since they never appeared in the cartoons, but I really love the colors and the throwback to the old Diaclone line, something that Hasbro seems to be intent on completing using the Generation Selects sub-line, and I, for one, am all in with that.


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