Transformers Generations Selects DK-3 Breaker

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Transformers Generations Selects DK-3 Breaker

Remember to check the back of the cardboard tray for Breaker’s arm cannon .

Not much can be said about this figure as a character, as he is meant to be a throwback to the Diaclone variant of the original Trailbreaker toy. In the IDW comics, he was intended to be a separate character from Trailbreaker but was never fully fleshed out either, he was only mentioned in passing as one of the soldiers that fell while fighting the Three Fold Spark in the 2019 reboot of the comics line.

The figure is a straight up redeco of Earthrise Trailbreaker.

The figure comes with an arm cannon same as Trailbreaker.

Likewise, his backpack canopy can be removed and function as a shield.

Force field generator?

The arm cannon can be mounted on top of the alt mode.

Comparison with Earthrise Trailbreaker

Overall, I’m okay with this release. It completes the goal of getting us closer to completing the original Diaclone roster, even though the figures lack any actual characterization. I do wish Hasbro added something extra just for this figure just to make it unique, but I suppose that would be a stretch.

Now to hold out for Hasbro to make a yellow variant of this guy, a red Mirage, a red Skids (Reboost) and a black Tracks (Loudpedal) to finally complete the original Diaclone roster.


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