Transformers Generations Selects Ectotron

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Transformers Generations Selects Ectotron

I just LOVE the details on the vehicle mode!!! Too bad none of the doors can be opened.

To transform this guy, you need to remove the entire car roof so that it becomes the Proton Pack.


Introduced in the IDW comics tie-in, Ectotron is one of the Autobots on board the Ark, he requests permission from Optimus Prime to go to Earth and investigate some strange readings. Meeting up with the IDW Ghostbusters and initially disguising himself as a copy of their car, the Ecto-1.

His actual name is Ectronymous Diamatron, which is way too long, even for Optimus Prime. The Ghostbuster’s secretary Janine Menitz decided to call him Ectotron instead and he decided to go with it.

Ectotron comes with his own Proton pack (clips onto his back) and Neutrino Wand.

Anybody seen a ghost?

The transformation is based off the Combiner Wars Voyager Class Onslaught, with very heavy retooling. Unfortunately, I do find his knee joints to be a bit weak. I wish they had ratchet joints in there or something.


Slimer is made from rubbery clear plastic. I would have preferred it if they painted him a bit. He looks too basic without any paint on his eyes. He also has a hole underneath so he can peg onto the peg on the Neutrino Wand.

Slimer can ride up top by pegging him onto the roof/ Neutrino Wand hardpoint.

I do find Slimer a bit too big, he’s the size that humans are supposed to be next to Ectotron. Ah well…

“We’re ready to believe you!”, says the talking car.


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