Transformers Generations Selects Greasepit

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Transformers Generations Selects Greasepit

A redeco of Earthrise Ironworks, Greasepit’s alternate mode functions as a gas station for siphoning gas from unknowing humans, which he then converts to Energon and supplies to his fellow Decepticons.

Instead of a hook that came with Ironworks, he gets a gas pump hand. Huh….

Since he’s a Modulator, you can take him apart to transform him into his various modes.

Gas station mode

Alternate base mode

In the old vintage G1 base mode, the structure featured ionic cannons, rail-launched incendiary missiles, and circuit-jammers. Tower-mounted sonic disruptor can emit pressurized sound waves that can crush their target. You can pretend all of that’s here… somewheres…

lol… the gasoline station is still active in this mode.

Comparison with Ironworks.

While Greasepit’s instructions don’t show his Weaponizer functions, you can totally copy them off of Ironwork’s instructions, since they’re the same unit, more or less.

Overall, even though he’s a redeco of Ironworks, I really, really like it. If these ever go on clearance I might actually get three or four more to build around city bases. Pretty cool.


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