Transformers Generations Selects Hot House

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Transformers Generations Selects Hot House

A redeco of Earthrise Decepticon Airwave, in his G1 bio it says Hot House likes to talk, like a LOT! Even in the heat of battle. The original G1 Micromaster character’s function was for long range defense. His fire station mode is capable of drawing water through siphons in the ground to form high-impact water jets capable of busting through solid granite. His gun embankment base mode is armed with rockets and freeze missiles.

Since he’s a Modulator, you have to take him apart to transform him into the various modes.

Gun embankment base mode

Treaded aircraft carrier mode

Airbase (fire station?) mode

Weaponizer mode

Comparison to Airwave

Hot House’s guns have a slightly brighter sheen to them compared to Airwave’s.

Overall, not bad, but I think I’m more partial to Airwave. Just like Greasepit, I might get a few more of these Modulators to build around city bases if they ever go on clearance.


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