Transformers Generations Selects Hotshot

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Transformers Generations Selects Hotshot

Originally from the Transformers Unicron Trilogy Cybertron (Galaxy) series, this figure is an homage to the Cybertron Defense Hotshot from that line (as opposed to his usual “sports car” look). The figure reuses the body of Siege’ Hound, but features a new head.

W-5 Holo-Beam Refraction Blaster. It’s a bit difficult to plug in for some reason, I never had an issue with Hound. Softer plastic on Hotshot?

RT-10 IR Electro-Scope Launcher

Ammo clip

Both weapons combine to form “HD Vector-Beam Mega-Blaster”.

Weapons and ammo clip are mounted like so.

Comparison with Siege Hound.

Overall, not bad. He certainly stands out better than Siege Hound, but it does kind of get tiring seeing everyone have a “twin” somewhere in the lineup.


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