Transformers Generations Selects Hubcap

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Transformers Generations Selects Hubcap

A retool of Earthrise Cliffjumper, Hubcap never really appeared in the G1 cartoons or comics. We only see him actually materialize in the IDW comics. Based on his G1 toy bio, his function lists him as the one in charge of communications. While witty and charming, most Autobot’s don’t fully trust him as he has a reputation as something of a con artist.

He comes with the same armaments as Earthrise Cliffjumper.

Likewise, his trunk can also be used as a shield.

The launcher can be disassembled into smaller weapons.

I really wonder how Hubcap would’ve played out if he was included in the G1 cartoons? It would really be confusing to have a yellow Cliffjumper in the show I think.

Weapon can be mounted on the vehicle mode.

Similar with Cliffjumper, the weapons can be reconfigured into his vehicle mode to give him skis for traversing snow or water.

Overall, not really a must have since he never appeared in the old cartoon, but I guess I’m down with it since the Generations Selects line is more or less rounding out all the odds and ends of the Diaclone/ G1 era guys, I see this line as one way of getting those characters without actually diving into getting the vintage Diaclone toys.


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