Transformers Generations Selects Volcanicus

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Transformers Generations Selects Volcanicus

As usual, the boxset for the Generations selects Combiners is huge! Measures 18.75 x 18 x 3 inches.


Grimlock’s jaw can be opened.

The new machine guns can be mounted on his back in dino mode.

Likewise Volcanicus’ feet can be mounted on his legs … as extra armor?

Me Grimlock loaded for bear!

Leader of the Dinobot team, Grimlock is strong and brave. Unfortunately, he is also very arrogant and has a real problem with authority, often disagreeing with Optimus Prime and the Autobots.

I really hate the way the chest always pops open from the slightest touch on this figure. Sigh…

This time around, Takara gave him two Galaxial Missile guns!

Also included as part of the new weapons for Grimlock are these forearm-mounted guns, they later become Volcanicus’ new chest pieces.

Lastly, Volcanicus’ feet can be used as blast shields or melee weapons for Grimlock.


Swoop’s sword can be mounted on the underside of his beak in dino mode.

The only “flier” of the Dinobots, Swoop is also the smallest member of the group. Unlike the rest of the Dinobots, Swoop is sociable and is often the voice of reason in the group.

Combiner part secret piece can be used as a weapon.

Note that Swoop’s sword (right side) is different from Snarl’s.

Swoop’s Energo sword.


Slag’s blaster can be pegged onto the hole in his rear legs in dino mode.

The most hot-headed, aggressive member of the team, Slag is second-in-command of the team when Grimlock isn’t around.

Combiner part secret piece can be used as a weapon.

He comes with only a blaster for his primary weapon, no Energo swords this time around.


Sludge’s blaster can be pegged onto the hole in his rear legs in dino mode.

The biggest of the Dinobots, Sludge is also the slowest and dumbest. Will follow basically anything anyone tells him to do.

Like Slag, his only weapon is his blaster.


Snarl’s Energo sword can be plugged into in a hole in his rear leg in dino mode.

The strong, silent type, Snarl rarely speaks. His attacks in dino mode are powered by solar energy.

Energo sword

The Dinobots!


Grimlock this time around comes with new attachments to cover up the unsightly holes on his chest in the combined form, courtesy of the new forearm guns.

Grimlock’s Galaxial Rocket launchers peg into the feet of Volcanicus to act as heels to help balance the combined form.

Appearing only in the Combiner Wars saga, the Dinobots somehow managed to gain the ability to combine and form the new combiner, Volcanicus.

The new chest pieces and giant swords really improve the look of the figure over the Hasbro version.

Sigh … for the life of me, I can’t get this piece to lock in for some reason. affecting the stability of the left arm in my unit.

Fully combined, Volcanicus stands roughly 13 inches tall, including the swords on his back.

The swords look really menacing when drawn, unfortunately, the elbows have no way to support the weight of these massive weapons. Tsk…

You will have to get creative as to how you’re going to pose Volcanicus with his swords drawn, mostly it requires resting the arm on the knees for support.

… or resting the weight of the swords on the shoulders works too.

Overall, not bad, but the combined form still suffered from a lot of floppiness, and I mean A LOT! It’s a shame as I really did enjoy the new paint apps on the Combiner Wars molds. The colors are vibrant and screen accurate and put the old Combiner Wars versions to shame, plus the new gear for Grimlock is pretty sweet too. While this set is still enjoyable, I think it will be superfluous once the Studio Series 86 Dinobots are complete.


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