Transformers Generations Selects Voyager Class G2 Megatron

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Transformers Generations Selects Voyager Class G2 Megatron

Based on Megatron’s look from the Generation 2 toyline and his appearance in G.i. joe issue 140, Megatron shares an alliance with Cobra in order to rebuild his badly damaged body following the events at the end of the original Marvel Comics “The Transformers” comic run.

The figure is a straight up redeco of War for Cybertron: Earthrise Voyager Class Megatron.

The new body gives Megatron increased speed and new powers, as well as a powerful railgun weapons system. Megatron proceeds to kill several Autobots that remained on Earth (Brawn and Hotspot, to name a few) immediately following his reactivation.

I originally passed on this figure, since it was so dang gawdy to look at, plus it was based off one of the weakest mold designs for Megatron in the modern line (everyone disliked the Earthrise Megs mold). I eventually gave in and grabbed this in order to pair it up with Legacy G2 Laser Optimus Prime.

Lol… ugh… so neon green…

The figure still comes with Earthrise Megatron’s spear shield.

G2 Decepticon logo.

With Laser Optimus Prime.

We never actually ever see these two match up in any lore. Prime was still sporting his original G1 body during the G2 Marvel Comics run. Laser Optimus would be something cooked up over in Japan later on by Takara as their contribution to the G2 lore.

Overall, a mediocre figure with a shocking color scheme that punches you in the eyes. To be fair, it’s not the current design team’s fault that the figure was given such a terrible color scheme back in the day (lol… “it came from the 90s!”). But I do wish they used Siege Megatron instead as that had better designed base figure (particularly the head sculpt) or maybe if they added some extra details to the figure (like a reworked shoulder G2 Megatron railgun cannon). Hmm… I think there’re upgrade kits out there to make him look more like the “true” original G2 Megatron. I might have to check them out.


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