Transformers Generations TG-23 Takara Metroplex

Transformers Generations TG-23 Takara Metroplex

Box is not as thick as the SDCC but it is longer (so you can’t exactly have them share the same storage/shipping box if you’re planning to). I think the US mass retail version has the smallest box?

Roughly 23.5″ x 16″ x 9″

City mode

Guns slot here:

Battle Station mode

Huge guns slot here:

If you’ve played the game, you actually use this turret in one of the stages. 🙂

Robot mode

Metroplex heads the call of the last Prime.

Prime isn’t shown in the windows here, unlike in the US versions.

Visor gimmick (for the life of me, I could not get the SDCC version to stay “hidden”).

Flipping down either head cannon will lower the visor.


Comparison with SDCC 2013 version (Takara on the right).


Back of the heads.

Scamper (metallic painted visor, larger Autobot symbol tampo/not sticker on the Takara)

As far as sticker sheets go, the sheets are almost identical and the SDCC and Takara versions are printed on foil, unlike the US mass retail version which is printed on paper.

There is also lot of added paint detail on the Takara version, and better visor gimmick on the Takara version as well (I can’t get the visor up on the SDCC version, no matter how I try).

But I do prefer the US mass retail version box over the Takara one, the lack of embossed effect on the box and lack of Optimus and the gang on the boxart kind of take something away from the presentation.

The electronic voice chip is exactly the same as the SDCC version and the US version, Metroplex speaks in English, not Japanese here.

Transformers Takara TG-23 Metroplex bonus item (clip?)


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