Transformers IGear Autobot Headquarters Playset

Transformers IGear Autobot Headquarters

Igear Tf-007 Computer Control Center

Outer freight box

Inner main box

The box is pretty big, measures 16x12x9.5 Inches (roughly the size of a cement hollow block/cinder block. Weighs roughly 3 kilos according to the box.

A whole bunch of parts and panels and one sticker sheet! Note: Instructions NOT included! You have to go online for the instructions.

Go here for the online assembly manual and sticker guide.

When fully assembled the whole thing spans about 29x10x10 Inches.

BE WARNED! Assembly will test your patience! The designers did a crappy job of “locking” the panels. So expect the walls to crumble at the slightest tap on one of the sides. I recommend using tape (3M Magic tape to avoid long term tape marks) if you want to go at it without stressing yourself silly.

Stickers applied

Makes a world of difference.

If you’re good at electrical wiring and using LEDs (Light Emiting Diode), you can make the computer screens light up as the screens are clear plastic and light does get through (even with the stickers on).

The Autobots move into their “home”.

Repair bay with articulated servo arm.

The relatively small floor area might be a problem. Using orange colored art paper will help “expand” the area a bit.

Likewise, moving or reducing some of “Teletran 1” would make up some more space. Teletran 1 and the computer modules aren’t bolted down or anything, they just sorta “sit” there.

For those curious, yes the set also works with G1 Autobots.

Again, you can move around the pieces if you wish to recreate the Optimus Prime death scene from the Movie.

Well… it’s a good set, not great due to the terrible, terrible locking mechanism for the wall panels (or lack thereof). Just be ready with your 3M magic tape when you’ve had enough of trying to build it as is.

But when it comes together it really looks great as a diorama for your Autobots.


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