Transformers IGear Hench (Brawn)

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Transformers IGear Hench

Hench also comes with a hard plastic “tech spec” card (not shown) like the rest of the IGear Minibots

Gun attaches to roof.

Make sure you transform the legs right (lines on lower legs should be on the inner side), I did it wrong the first time and in made him hard to stand up.

Excellent head sculpt here, very accurate to G1, I’ll try to find some Autobot stickers for his chest piece to make it more toon-accurate.

I think the scale works better too!

I’m excited to get the upcoming minibots from IGear (Gears, Beachcomber, Pipes, Outback). I just really hope they can release a Cosmos/UFO 2.0 with better colors to make it less painful on the eyes.

Edit: I totally missed this, the toy comes with a G1 toy- based faceplate. It’s located on the back of the head. So just rotate it until you get the faceplate that you want. 🙂


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