Transformers IGear PP01U Ultra Leader (Ultra Magnus)

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Transformers IGear PP01U Ultra Leader (Ultra Magnus)

Again, optional rifle included for Classics Prime. (note that Magnus’ rifle is different from Prime’s, missing paint apps).

Matrix is also included.

Wrist comms

Energy axe

Megatron gun

Animation styled head for Magnus

Igear decided to include the Animation style head for Prime in this set instead including it in the PP01. Marketing strategy?

The Animation styled heads do add a whole world of difference to how the figure looks. The downside is that you have to swap it out with the default head whenever you transform the PP01s since the antennae on the Animation heads are too wide and will snag during the transform.

Final word of warning:
Be very, very careful when handling these parts on Prime’s forearms. The plastic is not as strong as one would think. I advise handling them as minimally as possible (using the fingers instead of these parts to push/pull out the hands).

I’m not sure if the same fragility also applies to Magnus or the other PP01 variants. Also of interesting note, the box is redesigned, it’s now easier to open compared to the PP01 and it even has an outer plastic bag to prevent scrapes on the box (something that was sorely needed on the PP01). Good to see the company’s slowly making improvements with each release.

Oh and one more thing, PP01U does not come with any Autobot insignia (at least I didn’t get any with mine)


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