Transformers Justitoys WST(World’s Smallest Transformers) Dinobots.

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Transformers Justitoys WST(World’s Smallest Transformers) Dinobots.

For 800 these aren’t bad, very accurate to the original G1 toys with the same proportionate amount of diecast. The only hassle was putting the stickers on. Hehe so tiny… I’m happy to finally own the Dinobots(I’ve been waiting for forever for Takara to reissue them).

The gang’s all here!

Each of the WST Dinobots has the proportionate amount of diecast found in their vintage G1 counterparts. There are also optional stickers to apply. As usual, the stickers for Grimlock and Sludge’s groin areas tend to scrape off when you transform them so I don’t recommend attaching the stickers for that particular area for Grimlock and Sludge.

The WST Dinobots were all released without their missile launchers. Justitoys did a followup and released all of the missile launchers with Swoop. They don’t fire of course (the guns are too small to fit any springs in) but they do have chromed “insertable” missiles.

The detail on these are very excellent. Swoop’s even in toon accurate colors!

Dinobots Transform!


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