Transformers Kabaya Gum Trading Figures Fortress Maximus

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Kabaya Gum Trading Figures Fortress Maximus

Set 1. Torso with Windcharger.

Just a headsup, keep an eye out for Windcharger’s main torso wheels (gray plastic). I almost threw them out with the sprue.

Set 2. Left leg with Cerebros. Cerebros’ head does not come off to become Spike.

Set 3. Right Leg with Powerglide and Master sword.

City mode

I love how there’s a spring action gimmick for ejecting Powerglide 🙂

Battle Station mode

Robot mode

Grr… My Fortress Maximus came with a missing sticker on one of the sheets, so he’s missing his left “horn” now.

He’s really tall.

Master Sword

All guns forward!


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