Transformers KFC CST-02J Ironpaw (Masterpiece Steeljaw)

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Transformers KFC CST-02J Ironpaw (Masterpiece Steeljaw)

(Note: both sides are identical, no “cassette tape surface” painted on either side)

I really hate how this piece (the guns) keeps falling out.

Functioning as a tracker for the Autobots, it’s a fitting role for this Cassette, since his main opponent is the Decepticon, Ravage, who functions in stealth. Steeljaw is mounted with solar-powered pellet guns that can shoot up to 1200 rounds per minute, but the gun’s ability can be hampered by the lack of sunlight. In cassette mode, he can electro magnetize himself to stick to any surface. In the G1 cartoons, he never speaks and only grunts, hisses or sniffs.


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