Transformers KFC CST-08 Fader (Masterpiece Eject)

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Transformers KFC CST-08 Fader (Masterpiece Eject)

Same as with Hifi (Rewind), alternate heads are included. I went with the toon-accurate head for this gallery. The others are based on the G1 toy and/or the IDW Comics look.

A redeco of Hifi, Fader is meant to be Masterpiece Eject. According to his bio, he’s a huge sports junkie, often inserting sports clich├ęs into his syntax every chance he gets. Too bad he didn’t get much screen time in the G1 cartoons and movie, though. Primarily functions as electronic surveillance for the Autobots.

Electrical Overload guns

With the other Cassettes

I didn’t have time to break out Transistor for a proper group shot. I’ll have to revisit this later.

Overall, not bad. This set (along with Rover) was the hardest Cassette to backtrack for me, compared to the other two. I finally got lucky and the set somehow got restocked on one of the Online shops I normal check.


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