Transformers Kids Logic Mecha Nations 01 – Optimus Prime

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Transformers Kids Logic Mecha Nations 01 – Optimus Prime

Sadly, I bought this expecting diecast parts, but no, no diecast here (I think, I tried looking around, couldn’t find any?). Also, as awesome as this toy looks, poseability is very restrticted, but the joints are all ratchet jointed.

Power up!

Light our darkest hour!

Matrix is removable

Energon Axe doesn’t light up though.

Battery ports.

Batteries.. soooo many batteries.

AG1 and AG3 batteries (for torso).

Weighs 211 Grams

Stands roughly 7″ tall.

Removable Armor.

Lol… Naked Prime!!!

Stainless (?) Display base.

Arm attachment

I don’t really like the arm attachment, not really strong enough to hold Prime, unless you pose him awkwardly like so.

I hope the metallic red doesn’t fade over time.

Based on a short (and very cool) clip Kids Logic posted on Youtube, they’re teasing upcoming figures like Megatron, Starscream Grimlock and Bumblebee.


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