Transformers Kids Logic Mecha Nations 03 Megatron

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Transformers Kids Logic Mecha Nations 03 Megatron

Outer box is similar to a “matchbox” type of sleeve packaging.

Megatron has metal parts I think, which kind of give him his “stainless steel” look.

While not as many LED gimmicks as Prime, this fella still needs a lot of batteries. Batteries come included and pre-installed. I recommend removing them ASAP, as a few of mine were starting to corrode right out of the box.

Eyes LED run on AG1 x 3
Chest LED runs on AG3 x 3
Fusion cannon runs on AG13 x 3

Light up parts include his eyes, his chest symbol and the fusion cannon.

Fusion cannon requires the forearm armor plates to be swapped out first.

Interestingly, there’s a motor in the fusion cannon, which makes the LED inside spin, to simulate energy being built up.

The Leader of the Decepticons.

P.38 on the chest plate (like on the G1 toy, Walther P.38), nice touch here.

Energy mace.

Optional “angry” face plate.

Display base

Megatron weighs 258 Grams. Prime was 211 Grams.

As a standard for Kid’s Logic’s Mecha Nations line, the armor panels can all be removed.

“Naked” Megatron

“Peace through tyranny.”


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