Transformers Kre-O Optimus Battle for Energon (Prime vs Megatron)

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Transformers Kre-O Optimus Battle for Energon (Prime vs Megatron)

I was fortunate to grab this set when it went on 50% sale. The other big sets like Devastator aren’t really that interesting IMHO. This and the Prime with the trailer sets are the only ones I want.

Just a word of caution, some of these Kreo bricks are a pain to attach, particularly the “one-peg” type, like antennae, they just keep popping off. I guess Hasbro designers still need to work on the design to make it as good as LEGOs.

Personally, I think the line is not good. When I first heard about Kre-o, I thought the toys were going to be like the Tomy Diablock Optimus Prime, where it can directly transform, instead we get sets that require total disassembly to individual pieces again and reassembly to get to the other mode. Just way too much hassle, folks. I’m glad I didn’t pay full price for this.

The set comes with 4 Kreons

Optimus Prime (movie version?)
Security Officer
Tank Driver

Lol… I didn’t expect to find a face under the mask.

Megatron’s energy blade is a total fail. I can hardly stay plugged to his arm. Very poorly done.

Also included are optional clear torsos for Prime and Megatron, I have no idea what the gimmick here is, super charged? Anywho… nice but not really feeling the hassle of having to swap arms, legs and heads for it.

Optimus Prime

Kreon Prime can ride inside.

Gotta love this, it’s like Optimus’ got his conscience on his shoulder.


Kreon Megatron can ride inside.

Whoa… talk about overkill

I really hate the silly claw hands. I’d prefer fists here.

Megatron with his “conscience.

Here’s the piece for the “build a figure” Energon weapon.

The Battle for Energon

The bank

Not bad. Even has an open able “safe”.

Wow…. So much leftover kibble


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