Transformers Kre-O Optimus Prime with Trailer

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Transformers Kre-O Optimus Prime with Trailer

I was waiting for this to go on sale at the malls (still at full price, even now), but then lo, and behold! The sets are on sale at 168 Mall in Divisoria. 2000 for this set versus 4500 at the malls. I was skeptical at first, thinking these might be bootlegs or knock-offs (KO). But I can say with 100% certainty that these are legit after fully toying with them.

Assembling each mode will require at least 3-4 hours. EACH! So get ready. I suggest grouping the pieces according to color to make it easier to track down. The biggest hassle is the manual. It’s hard to tell black from grey, from gunmetal, from clear bricks, from the way they are colored in the manual. Get ready to scratch your head a dozen times.

Set comes with 5 Kreons.

Optimus Prime
Stunt Driver A
Stunt Driver B

With the Kreon Prime from the Battle for Energon 2pack.

Trailer Cab

With the trailer

License plate

Opening tailgate

Trailer Opens up (not much of a locking system keeping the trailer closed up here though)

A section of the cab is removable and opens up to become a mini base.

Robot mode

I don’t know, I can’t say I like how they made this one, that 4 peg is all that’s holding the front section of Prime to the main body. Comes off somewhat easily.

He’s tall though, around 11” tall?

With other Kre-o Primes

Missile-firing block

Movie Prime with his “little buddy” . 🙂

Tools for the base (I didn’t bother removing them from the tree).

A lot of leftover pieces here for Prime when he’s in robot and base mode.

Base kinda looks like a food station than an actual battle base.



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