Transformers Kreon Prime and Megatron Figures

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Transformers Custom Kreon Optimus Prime
Transformers Custom Kreon Megatron

Transformers Ultimate Kreon Collection Box 1 and 2

Optimus Prime
Sentinel Prime
(Mystery Figure- Skywarp?)

Red Alert
(Mystery Figure – Starscream?)

From what I hear, the mystery figures are fixed and not random inserts of other Kreons.

Transformers Kreo Robots in Disguise Optimus Prime.

Transformers Kreo –Kreon Warriors Optimus Prime(s)

These are near impossible to find without knowing what to look for.

Here are some tips:

For the Gladiator Prime, feel for the staff first in the package, then try to feel around for the shield. It’s not easy as the display base gets in the way, but you should be able to feel the flat side of the shield. There’s another figure that has a shield in this set but that one has edges, while Prime’s shield is just flat and squarish.

For Pirate Prime, feel around for the sword. There are two figures in this wave that have swords, the other is Drift supposedly, but Drift’s sword is longer and more Samurai-esque, while Pirate Prime’s a short broadsword.

I just want to give a shoutout to the kind folks over at SM Megamall TK Express for helping me figure out which were the Primes in the blind bag figures (they know their stuff!). I wouldn’t have known what to look for otherwise. Thanks!

Transformers Custom Kreon Transformers Movie 4 Optimus Prime


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