Transformers KuBianBao MPP10V 3rd Party Voyager scaled Masterpiece Optimus Prime

Transformers KuBianBao MPP10V 3rd Party Voyager scaled Masterpiece Optimus Prime

The box is … unusual. As the print is only on the sides and nothing on the front and back.

The main box inside is wrapped in bubble wrap.

….. with an added layer of vaccum sealed plastic wrap. Lol… talk about bullet proof packaging!

Gotta love it when they post which parts are diecast on the box. Makes life so much easier for folks who are curious.

Uhh… what?


For the unfamiliar, this unofficial release of the Transformers Masterpiece MP-10 Optimus Prime is a shrunk down version of the figure. He is now roughly Voyager scaled and comes with a lot of diecast parts (more than the official MP-10 actually).

The set comes with optional heads for Prime (including Orion Pax from the IDW comics). Cool but a bit a of a hassle to swap heads around (it’s not a simple ball joint pop out, but requires the use of a screwdriver).

The MPP-10V comes with a diecast sword. I believe this sword is based off the TF4 movie sword.

Personally though, I would prefer Prime have his trusty old axe.

KubianBao also included a diecast Megatron gun for this figure.

Sadly, this figure isn’t that perfect. Prime’s rifle is too small. It think this was an oversight during the “shrinking” process. They made the rifle smaller so it can fit into Prime’s back, but it fails in that aspect too (rifle is still too big to fit in). I think it would’ve been better if they just drop the whole concept and given us a non-transforming rifle and called it a day.

The biggest surprise for me in this set is the fact that it comes with an attachable rocket pack for Prime. Sweet!

Last but not least, the Matrix

Matrix is diecast and it does open up.

Again, it’s a bit too small for Prime. Where as the official MP-10 Matrix was properly scaled, this one’s just a wee bit smaller than it should be. Lol.. Prime can only hold it with this index fingers.

Not bad, he does fit in well with the other CHUGs (Classics, Henkei, Universe, Generations lines)

Comparison with the Henkei/Classics Voyager Scaled Prime.

Comparison with the MPP-10, the oversized unofficial release of MP-10 from Wei-Jiang toys.

The MPP-10V actually copies a lot of elements from the MPP-10 figure in terms of paint apps, rather than the from the official MP-10.

(L-R) MPP-10 (oversized), MPP-10V, MP-10 Official Takara.

MPP-10 and MPP-10V

MP-10 Official and MPP-10V

Another down side with this figure is that the side-view mirrors do not fold in like on the MP-10. I think I would’ve preferred they stay in the closed position since not many folks are going to display this guy in truck mode.

MPP-10V doesn’t have the lock releases for his legs, which are present in the MP-10 Official and the MPP-10.

Figure weighs 278 Grams and stands roughly 7.5” tall.

Overall, pretty cool. If you can look past the scaling issues with some of the accessories (rifle, Matrix) and the odd side-mirror design choice, this figure is very solid! It works very well with the CHUGS TF lines and it also looks great next to an Optimus Prime collection. If you’re a fan of collecting Optimus Prime figures, this guy is a must have!


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