Transformers LG-EX Big Powered

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Transformers LG-EX Big Powered

An interesting bonus, each character comes with their own personal colored(!) manual, and each manual features a chapter in the Takara Legends saga featuring Dai Atlas.

Dai Atlas
Sonic Bomber
Road Fire

Headmaster Dai Atlas

In the vintage set, Dai Atlas came with Micromaster Speeder (his son??). Sadly, he is not included in this set.

The drill nosecone has a spring inside so that kinda makes it safe for kids.

Headmaster Dai Atlas can ride inside the c0ckpit

Drill tank mode

One of the elite Autobot Powered Masters, Dai Atlas arrives in the nick of time to save a badly damaged Victory Saber from destruction. After stopping Violen Jiger’s Nine Great Demon Generals initial attack on Earth for the Zodiac, Victory Saber passes the mantle of Autobot leadership to Dai Atlas, who becomes the new Supreme Commander of the Autobot forces.

Dai Atlas is a heavy retool of the Overlord and/or Sky Shadow mold. Unfortunately, this time around, they had to remove the upper half of the tank section so that it can dock with the shuttle properly, leaving a very empty gap in the lower legs.

This hinge section on the waist doesn’t really fit well enough, too, so the figure’s upper half tends to lean backward a bit in robot mode.

I think his weapon was called Magna Shot?

As a throwback to the OVA, his wings can be recombined to form the Zone Sword, or a shield, depending on how you want to use it (he can’t really hold the Zone Sword though).

In the one shot OVA, the Zone Sword was used to cut Predaking in half!

(Side note: this is what the vehicle mode is supposed to look like when transforming him back)

Headmaster Sonic Bomber

In the vintage set, Sonic Bomber came with Micromaster Sonic (she identifies as female). She is not included in this set.

Headmaster Sonic Bomber can ride inside the c0ckpit.

Second in command of the Autobots after Dai Atlas in the Zone series, Sonic Bomber is the youngest amongst the Powered Masters.

His weapon is called the Vulcan Shot.

Headmaster Road Fire

In the vintage set, Road Fire came with Micromaster Drillbuster. Sadly, he isn’t included in this set either.

Headmaster Road Fire can ride inside the c0ckpit.

The last Powered Master to join the team, Road Fire was also the last toy for the Zone toyline back in the day. He is often referred to as a gentle giant.

Burst cannon

Powered Masters

The most powerful of the Autobots in the Zone saga (and percievably in the TF series), these heroes can each take down any of Violen Jiger’s Nine Great Demon Generals (Predaking, Menasor, Devastator, Bruticus, Trypticon, King Poseidon, Abominus, Overlord and Black Zarak) on their own.

The heroes are also known as:
Dai Atlas – The Hero of the Earth
Sonic Bomber – The Warrior of the Wind
Roadfire – The Brave of the Fire

Combining Dai Atlas with Roadfire gets us Land Powered.

Combining Dai Atlas with Sonic Bomber will result in Sky Powered.

Sonic Bomber and Roadfire can be attached to Dai Atlas’ arms, but since the latter lacks any ratchet joints in the shoulders or elbows, you can’t lift them up sadly.

Big Powered

Considered as one of the most powerful combinations in the history of the Autobot army, Big Powered consisted of Dai Atlas and his team of elite and powerful Autobots. In Big Powered mode, they can orbit the Earth 8.5 times in one second. Also, the combined form leaves a rainbow trail behind as it flies through space (for some reason).

Base modes

In the Zone Anime OVA, while accessing the power of the Zodiac, Sonic Bomber and Dai Atlas were able to execute Zone Mode Attack while in base modes, blasting and destroying both Trypticon and King Poseidon in just one shot.

Combining Topspin and Twin Twist will get you Ultra Powered, as seen in the Legends comics. I didn’t have the time to dig them out to do proper pics, but they connect on Dai Atlas’ sides in jet mode.

Overall, highly recommended. Seeing as how this may well be the last we may see of Takara releasing their unique take on Transformers for a while (Hasbro’s “Unite the Brand” policy.. sigh), they really went out in style. I always wanted a Dai Atlas and I think this guy scratches that itch (seeing as how I’ll probably never see, let alone own the original G1 set). It’s a clever rework of the Overlord mold and I think it works great (minus some points for the wobbly mid section though). I really am grateful the Takara Tomy team was able to roll this set out before they shifted everything to Hasbro’s design choices. Thanks guys!


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