Transformers Maketoy Giant Type 61

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Transformers Maketoy Giant Type 61

I really like the box design and the secondary box inside makes the item extra secure! It’s also a great thing that the Giant is good to be assembled right out of the box. Very cool concept.

Wheel Loader 61 (Not Scrapper)

I do kind of wish they painted the eyes with a brighter shade of red. It’s a little too dark and doesn’t seem too visible.

Giant’s arm can be attached in vehicle mode.

Excavator 61 (Not Scavenger).

Giant’s arms can be equipped onto Excavator 61

Bulldozer 61 (Boncrusher)

Mobile Crane 61 (Not Hook)

Crane can also be attached to forearm.

Dump Truck 61 (Not Long Haul)

Giant’s chest plate can be attached here.

He’s easily the least “G1-looking” figure of the set.

Mixer 61 (Not Mix Master)

Like Wheel Loader, Giant’s forearms can be attached in vehicle mode.

Nice homage to the G1 toy here is the missile launcher compartment, missiles do not fire though.

Guess he’s the one who packs Giant’s forearms when they’re not in use…

The whole team.

Giant Type 61!

The individual guns also merge to become Giant’s gun.

Pull down visor

There’s also an alternate head provided, but I prefer the default head.

Dump Truck’s pistons can be equipped as well (Fold in the fist first to reveal the peg).

The crane can be detached and the parts of the gun can be attached to form a melee weapon.

The melee weapon is a bit heavy though so Giant will have trouble holding it up with just one arm. The hand grips on well enough, it’s the elbow joint that can’t hold the weight.

Giant stands about 11 Inches tall.

With the Fansproject Bruticus

With a Voyager-sized figure.

Fully assembled, the Giant weighs about 765 Grams (The Bruticus is about 513Grams)

Some notes about the transformation:

The crane has a hidden hinge joint.

There are release buttons located all over. Only in the shoulder connections are there no release joints, but it’s no big deal. It attaches and detaches well enough. I really recommend pressing the release buttons when connecting as well, as it makes the connections lock in easier too.

It’s an awesome set! I like the proportions and colors and matte finish way more than the Hercules. The individual robot modes may not exactly resemble their G1 counterparts, but the toy is really good, even in terms of basic design. The connections are solid, the gimmicks (combining guns, roll down visor) work great. Definitely one of the better third party scratch-built items!


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