Transformers Masterpiece MP-04 Optimus Prime with Trailer

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-04 Optimus Prime with Trailer

Comparison with the Just Toys customized MP trailer that was released last year. Takara’s trailer on the left. Just Toys on the right. The Just Toys is version is a bit longer and is a bit higher (due to the chassis being a bit higher). Also, no diecast parts on either one(unless you count the screws and the metal rods )



Tailgates(the ramp is a separate piece from the door).



Optimus Prime
A slight change with the Mp04 Prime is that his wrist communicators now have Megatron and Grimlock instead of Starscream and Bumblebee.

A major disappointment is that Takara has really dropped the ball in terms of quality control, the MP04 has a lot of paint chips right out of the box, plus the window hinge on the left panel is bent so the chest can’t close properly, I checked another unit and it had even bigger paint scrapes on the chest area (near the matrix switch). The plastic pieces were badly removed from the frames back in the factory, there are lot of chips in the plastic parts from where the frame was cut.

The Smokestacks also had cuts into the plastic underneath the chrome paint and one of the tips of the stacks on mine is missing chrome application.

Even the trailer wasn’t spared. Paint bleeds on the sides of the trailer appeared in one of the other units that I checked (better check both sides of the trailer if you want to get Mp04)

Battle mode

Service Bay mode. Prime’s rifle, Axe and Megatron(gun mode) can be stored inside clamps along the sides.

As for which is better, I can’t honestly say. It would’ve been nice if Takara had released the trailer solo and had a Roller to go with the MP04.

I personally prefer the outer appearance of the Just Toys, since it’s got more detail in terms of color and Autobot logo.

On the other hand, the Takara trailer has the service bay, the legs that swing out to support the trailer sides(this was missing in the Just Toys, for me it made difference in terms of appearance) and more detail in the tailgate. The wheels also have internal springs to simulate “shock absorbers”.

Plus the big box is really nice, it’s the kind of thing you need a second to take in when you see it for the first time up front .

(BTW MP01 and the trailer are packed individually inside white “shoeboxes” with secondary cardboard and inner plastic trays. Nice touch. Unlike Mp03, where the box crushes easily)


Just Toys


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