Transformers Masterpiece MP-10 New Optimus Prime

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-10 Optimus Prime version 2

Box measures roughly 14 x 14 x 6.5 Inches, box dimensions are exactly the same as MP09 Rodimus Prime.

Here’s something I’ve always wanted to see on high-end toy packages… graphic representation of the actual size of the toy inside without having to open anything. Takara read my mind.

Also interesting note on the outer shipping box, I guess Takara’s got a manufacturing plant up in Vietnam now? Hope it didn’t get hit in the bad flooding going on over there right now.

Prime is measures 9.5” Inches tall and is about 418 Grams heavy.

At first I was going to pass on this (lesser diecast, smaller scale, more pricey, fewer gimmicks as compared to the Mp01/04) but I wound up buying it for the sake of completing my Optimus Prime collection. I have to say, the design really grew on me. It looked great and the weight of the toy felt just right (as compared to the top-heavy Mp01/04). It captured the “ideal” look of Optimus Prime from the cartoons.

Check out these poses.

One-touch Transforming rifle

The downside is, with the rifle out, there’s a hole in Prime’s back.

New Ankle joint!

Energy Axe.

Autobot Matrix of Leadership (no light up gimmick)

Thankfully the Matrix shell is still diecast.


I didn’t take a pic but I’m fairly sure Spike is bigger than the little unpainted Dr.Arkaville figure that came with MP Starscream.

Trailer Cab mode

Trailer mode

Trailer features.
Opening tail gates and pullout ramp.

Rubber tires, but they’re missing any type of “logo”. The Mp01/04 had “Desert Dog” etched on the tires.

Front stabilizers (a bit hard to pull out, I had to use a flat screwdriver to wedge it out)

Side stabilizers (for Weapons platform mode)

“Seats” for humans

Rolling attack mode.

Repair Bay mode.

Storage for Rifle and Axe


Contrary to appearances, Roller actually only seats one figure, no shotgun riding for anyone else.

Roller can also “carry” Prime’s rifle.

Trailer hook-up mode for Roller.

Prime and his modules!

Now, as much as I love this toy, I have some issues with it.

-trailer halves just can’t seem to align on mine. I’ve seen some sites that also have this problem so I guess it’s a general issue with the design?

-Be careful when opening the trailer halves, they seem a bit tough when you try to open them and the plastic does seem to feel a bit on the brittle side. Be especially careful when opening the tailgates and when folding the flaps down on the roof for the rolling attack mode. Very, very tough joints.

-Prime’s eyes – I wish they went with metallic finish just like the Mp01, instead, they used clear DARK plastic for the eyes, similar to Gundam kits (on a plus side, if you’re good with LEDs I’m sure you can customize something here).

-Lack of the wrist coms, I dunno, but I found that it was cool for the MP01 to have these on his forearms. Even if it was Starscream on one of the panels. Lol.

-Prime’s fingers can’t point straight. I tried it, ended up popping the first metacarpal from the finger. Good thing it was easily popped back in, but I’m not going to try that again. Just let it go up to where it can. There’s no way to make it point straight.

-I had some trouble trying to get Prime’s Trailer to properly lock into his legs in truck mode. It was easy with Roller but somehow Prime was harder.

-Diecast parts are only in the upper half of the feet, in Prime’s “spine” and in the Matrix.

That’s about it, no real general negatives or anything (maybe the misaligned trailer halves, but I could just be doing something wrong there, not sure) but overall it’s a great version of Prime. It definitely feels more solid than the Mp09 Rodimus. If ever Hasbro makes a trailer-less one for a cheaper price I’m going to pick one up too. I really hope they make a proper version of Megatron next and maybe an Ultra Magnus with a real trailer too.

Some comparison pics.

MP10 Optimus Prime Hong Kong Version Collectible Coin

The Hong Kong limited edition coin for MP10 Optimus Prime.

Transformers MP-10 2014 Reissue Exclusive item – Vector Sigma Accessory

The key is diecast.

Slots into Vector Sigma.

I think the size of the sphere is a bit off, Vector sigma should be the size of a Beach ball next to Prime.

The key is just right for Prime in terms of size though.


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