Transformers Masterpiece 15 Rumble and Jaguar (Ravage)

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Transformers Masterpiece 15 Rumble and Jaguar (Ravage)

Each cassette is wrapped in individual plastic bags.

Now that I think about it, the “Cassette Barrier” cases resemble compressed Energon Cubes. Interesting…


Weapon holder backpack. This seems like an awkward gimmick IMHO.

Pile drivers can be used to store Rumble/Frenzy’s guns.

The guns can also be stored in Soundwave’s feet.

Pile drivers combine and plug into the weapon holder.

They can also be plugged into Soundwave’s arm to act as cannons, although this configuration never appeared in the cartoons.

…the accessory can also be plugged into Soundwave in device mode via the sensor accessory that comes with Soundwave.

Of course, last but not least, the proper way to use the piledrivers.


I don’t know, I think I prefer the Henkei version of Ravage in terms of sculpt.

Team Soundwave so far. It’s a shame none of the minions have any diecast. It would’ve been great if they did.

The coin


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