Transformers Masterpiece Acidstorm (Hasbro Version)

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Transformers Masterpiece Acidstorm (Hasbro Version)

Since Acidstorm never made it to Earth, shouldn’t he not have an Earth-based design?

SSgt. Etipsone?

Extra accessories – The manual doesn’t indicate it but the clip is for Megatron’s gun mode.

I found it really odd that they included a missile rack, since the new design does not accommodate the rack, unless you remove the guns?


Nosecone radar dish

Display base (Acidstorm does not lock properly)

I can’t say I like the candy-colored shade of green, wish it were more militaristic.

At least in robot mode, the base works fine.

Chest missiles.

Like the rest of his “brothers” he weighs 350 Grams. Diecast parts include the main “spine” a few strips of metal here and there and the front landing gear.

New mold MP Seekers so far. Hope they make Skywarp.

Hmm… Super Sentai?

There was some rumors about a Takara version being released a while back, so far, I don’t think it pushed through?


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