Transformers Masterpiece Fanstoys FT-08 Grinder (3rd Party Masterpiece Grimlock)

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Transformers Masterpiece Fanstoys FT-08 Grinder (3rd Party Masterpiece Grimlock)

Grinder comes with extra head and faceplates for Sever (Snarl) and Scoria (Slag)

Also included are optional “red eyes” for Grinder in robot and Dino modes.

I had originally planned to skip Grinder, since I already had the MP-08 Grimlock. But man, the MP-08 just doesn’t cut it when posed next to the rest of the Fanstoys Iron Dibot team. So I gave in and grabbed him.

Grinder just really looks impressive. It totally stands out on any shelf. A real gorgeous piece of work.

Twin “stunner” laser rifle.

“Energo” Sword

Each weapon requires 2x LR66 batteries to function. I didn’t have any on me at the time of the photoshoot so I couldn’t demonstrate the effect.

Grinder also comes with his crown (it’s a reference to an old Marvel Comics’ issue). The crown is made of diecast and it is HEAVY! It’s very dense and feels solid. Cool accessory.

“Dinobots Attack!!”

Dino mode

Grinder’s maw opens

You can also see the flame thrower inside his mouth. Nice touch.

Me Grinder have shiny teeth!

Comparison with the MP-08

Even with the “platform shoes” for boosting Grimlock’s height (comes packed with Scoria /Slag) it’s a far cry from what the height and bulk should be. The FT-08 Grinder is just in a whole different class of it’s own.

Hehe in dino mode, MP08 looks malnourised next to the FT08

The weigh-in:
-MP-08 Grimlock – 540 Grams
-FT-08 Grinder – 1070 Grams (Practically double the weight of the MP-08)

With MP-10 Optimus Prime

Details and “odds and ends” Dept.

-Grinder features individually moveable fingers. A Fanstoys staple for the bigger bots.

-FT-08 Grinder stands roughly 10.5″ tall.

-Love those painted details on the back part of the wings.

-Adjustable ankles

Overall, I love it, I think it’s the best Fanstoys Iron Dibots yet. The size and weight are impressive and the transformation isn’t too hard. I highly recommend it.

Since I missed out on Stomp/Sludge the first time, I don’t have all the Iron Dibots with me yet (the Stomp reissue is out and incoming). I’ll take group pics later on when the team is complete.


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