Transformers Masterpiece Fanstoys FT-16 Sovereign (3rd Party Masterpiece Galvatron)

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Transformers Masterpiece Fanstoys FT-16 Sovereign (3rd Party Masterpiece Galvatron)

Additional accessories in a baggie in one of the corners of the tray, comes with “angry” face for Sovereign, “chained” Matrix and faceplate parts for Fanstoys Tesla (Perceptor).

So after a bit of a delay (several months to be exact), we finally get Fanstoys’ Masterpiece take on Galvatron. I have to say, right out of the box, this sucker feels heavy! The joints are good and it certainly has a lot of presence when displayed on a shelf with other MPs.

As much as I love Frank Welker for doing Megatron’s voice, his Galvatron was terrible. It totally undid all the coolness Leonard Nimoy gave the character for the 1986 movie. Welker’s Galvatron sounded more whiney, lol, almost too much like his “Slimer” voice from the Real Ghostbusters.

Sovereign even comes with the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, complete with the chain!

Die, Autobots!

After I played around a bit more with this figure, I love the poseability of this guy.

Transforming him into his cannon mode is a chore, it all feels unnecessarily difficult.

Too bad the cannon doesn’t light up.

Fanstoys included this cannon effect, but it fails miserably, as the effect is made up of various soft plastic pieces, they tend to droop when propped into position.

Lol… I guess Galvatron’s cannon has gone limp.

Display base

This is actually the reason why the box is so thick, they had to add another layer to the box for the display base.

Connects via the crotch area

“To Earth!”

Comparison with MP-09 Rodimus Prime.

“This is the end of the road, Galvatron.”

Miscellaneous stuff:
Sovereign comes with 2 types of cannons, clear and solid. The clear doesn’t come with any lighting gimmicks sadly.

Quality control sticker? That is interesting.

Ooh.. gotta love that thick diecast metal joint.

Oddly, there’s no rubber bits to help hold the cannon in place on the forearm It’s a square peg in a plastic square hole. It holds up well enough, but can come off at times.

Whoa heavy! 858 Grams?? Reminds me of Aoshima Mazinkaiser.

Diecast parts include:
–Front half of the torso
–Skirt plate
–Knee joints
— Feet

He stands roughly a little over 10 inches (counting the pointy part on his back).

To swap in the “angry” face, you have to unscrew the helmet apart first. This is what you’ll see.

Not too crazy about these exposed pegs on the legs.

Ankle joint. A welcome nice touch, as always.

The shoulders have a screw hole cover, but it keeps coming off on mine, be mindful not to lose the small piece.

Articulated fingers!

Overall, a very satisfying purchase, I love the poseability, the weight, the diecast. It all comes together very well. The only downside is the difficulty of transforming him into a cannon, but that’s skip able since I doubt most of us will display him in cannon mode anyway.

Wow I can’t imagine how they’re going to do Omega Supreme!


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