Transformers Masterpiece Fans Toys Quakewave Reissue version

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Transformers Masterpiece Fans Toys Quakewave Reissue version

First things first, right out of the box, the first thing you should do is pull on this upper torso get the mid torso out, otherwise the backpack won’t fit.

Pretty tall, around 9.25” tall?

Weighs 562 Grams

Diecast feet, leg sides and some of the joints?

Backpack attachment – it doesn’t really do anything, just an add-on to make him look like he has a backpack, otherwise he looks thin.

There are two LED areas in the toy in the arm and in the head. Batteries are NOT included.

Head requires CR1020 batteries
Arm requires CR 1025 batteries.

Quakewave is so fun to pose! The weight is all in the legs so there’s little to no risk of it tipping over.

Raygun mode

Transformation is a bit simplistic, but the real scary part is transforming him back into robot mode, pulling on the legs to expand them again is a bit hard. Honestly, I don’t think I will transform him again anytime soon.

The reissue version comes with parts for turning the cable onto the underside of the forearm.

Unfortunately, the set requires you have the “solid” hand and muzzle parts. As there doesn’t seem to be any space in the new forearm for the electronics of the clear muzzle. I’ll do a proper pic once the “solid“ parts come in.


Transformers Fans Toys Shockwave/ Quakewave hand upgrade

After waiting months for Greattoys to get their restocks, I gave up and went with Ebay for this one.

The new arm replaces the old one so that the cable can rotate and go from this..

…. to this!

It’s an impressive fix for something so awkward looking. But the downside is that the electronics no longer work as they can’t be transplanted to the new arm.

But at least now we get a better Shock…. err.. Quakewave. .


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