Transformers Masterpiece MP-11NT Thrust

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-11NT Thrust

I still can’t hardly believe it, we’re finally getting the Coneheads together in Masterpiece scale. Thrust here didn’t really do much in the cartoons, one real instance that makes him stand out in the old cartoons (for me anyways) was when he transported a full-sized Megatron to Autobot headquarters in the episode “Kremzeek” . Mass-shifting?

Since he is still basically a retool of Starscream, the chest missile pods are still in place.

Takara introduced a new design concept here, folding guns. This comes in handy when collapsing the guns into Thrust’s sides in jet mode.

Vehicle mode

The usual MP Seeker’s “bells and whitles”.

Hidden radar dish

Adjustable boosters

Hologram pilot figure

Wonder what’s up with hologram pilots with the Seekers? It’s not as if any humans can spot them when they’re flying. The Autobots need the holograms more than the Decepticons when you think about it. Ah well…

Funfact In the TF 1986 movie, despite being shown crashing into Unicron’s mouth in the final act, along with Dirge and Ramjet, all 3 Coneheads somehow survived and later on appeared in several Season 3 episodes.


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