Transformers Masterpiece MP-14+ Alert (Red Alert) Anime Color Edition

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-14+ Alert (Red Alert) Anime Color Edition

With weapons equipped in vehicle mode.

For the unfamiliar, this is the Takara reissue MP-14 Red Alert (Alert) figure, but this time in Anime-accurate colors.

Oddly enough, Red Alert’s “circuit trouble” effect is now orange for some reason. So much for Anime-accuracy (they should be blue, like on the original MP-14)

I really, really like the colors on this version, definitely an improvement over the first release.

Rocket launcher

Comparison with the original MP-14

Anime Color version on the right side

The red plastic on the 14+ rifle is brighter than the original.

As Anime-accurate as I want it to be, I guess there’s just no way for his vehicle mode’s spoiler attachment to tack on his back. Unlike Sideswipe, who’s back was his windshield, Red Alert’s back was his spoiler from the vehicle mode in the cartoons.

I’m always amused at how this guy was written in the TV show to be the Autobot’s security chief, yet is overflowing with paranoia. Poor guy…

The coin


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