Transformers Masterpiece MP-15/16 E Cassettebot vs Cassettetron (Stripes, Nightstalker, Wingthing, Enemy)

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-15/16 E Cassettebot vs Cassettetron (Stripes, Nightstalker, Wingthing, Enemy)

Heh, I’m actually starting to be glad Takara used pink plastic on the tape cases. We can recreate “compressed” Energon cubes. I wonder if this was the intention this whole time?


Stripes is a retool of the Masterpiece Ravage that came with MP Soundwave. Stripes was originally a biological entity taken in by the Autobots, given the ability to transform and then equipped with an automated AI weapons system designed to function independently of Stripes’ control. Interestingly, in the original 1986 Transformers movie draft, we were supposed to get Stripes instead of Ramhorn fighting Ratbat in the Cassette battle scene.


Appearing only briefly in the Marvel UK Comics, Nightstalker was once the partner of Ravage and was a bodyguard to an Overlord before the great war. His life is cut short as he chose to self destruct to protect his charge from incoming attackers.

The mold is supposed to be Steeljaw, but oddly enough, Takara has yet to repaint this mold into a proper Steeljaw.


Wingthing originally came with Action Master Soundwave as his transforming accessory weapon. The toy here is a redeco of MP Ratbat. The original G1 toy’s bio didn’t feature much in terms of personality for Wingthing, other than that he’s extremely loyal to Soundwave and follows the latter’s commands without question.


A redeco of Frenzy/Rumble. Enemy originally appeared in the vintage toyline as a part of the Nasta AM Radio & Headset package. He usually functions as another Cassettetron character along with the other Soundwave minions in the Takara and IDW comics.

Like Frenzy and Rumble, his guns can be removed from his back and equipped onto his arms.

His guns can also be stored into the pile drivers.

The pile drivers come with an optional attachment piece (same as with Frenzy, Rumble). So they can be equipped onto Enemy’s back.

Alternately, the attachment can also be equipped directly without the pile drivers as well.

Lastly, the pile drivers themselves can be equipped onto the figure.

Cassettetrons vs Cassettebots!

Overall, not bad I guess. I held off getting these for the longest time, as the prices for these were ridiculous when they first came out (at least locally), roughly 3x the price of the standard MP Cassettes set. Given that this is a “limited edition” exclusive, I get it, but the price hardly justified purchasing it at the time. I eventually caved in and got a set after seeing a very good deal for the set in Hong Kong before the whole Covid-19 thing happened.

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